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NERBS-V19 and “COVID-19” are being exploited

now MILLIONS of people are being INJECTED with modified ADENOVIRUSES falsely dubbed “coronavirus vaccines”. They are modified to include the so-called “SPIKE PROTEIN” which supposedly makes a different virus more infectious.

AstraZenca, Johnson & Johnson, Sputnik V, and more, all use ADENOVIRUSES as the PAYLOAD “vector”

they claim the Modified ADENOVIRUS is “replication deficient”, but who cares when it’s injected into millions of people and then potentially REASSORTMENT can occur with existing, REPLICATING ADENOVIRUSES?

There is now a real potential for new strains of the ADENOVIRUS, potentially with the so-called “SPIKE PROTEIN”

Are they checking for such reassortment and new strains of ADENOVIRUSES? No. They are copying homework of pseudoscientists. Useless Repeaters.

related reading: “PIGS AS MIXING VESSELS” for pandemic influenza strains, virus “REASSORTMENT”, “REASSORTANT” virus strains.

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