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here’s why RPGs such as the original FFVII have power, immersion & magick that modern voice-acted RPGs absolutely lack.

One of the key reasons classic text-based RPGs such as the legendary FFVII were/are so powerful:

The ability to enter your own name as the protagonist (“cloud”), in a text-based RPG, enables the game to speak to the role-player’s conscious mind, subconscious mind, and unconscious mind.

This powerful key feature is *absolutely* absent from modern voice-acted RPGs and the remake.

I’ve said before that they should at least attempt to use modern voice synthesis which is able to SPEAK the player’s name, alongside the voice acting. This is the only way to even get close to such dimension of what an RPG is supposed to feel like. A role-player could even use their own voice to train a “deepfake” machine-learned “A.I.” voice for the protagonist.

in the case of the original FFVII in particular for example, the game exploits this further by eventually revealing to the role-player that “cloud” is not who he thinks he is, his memories of his past are false, and he falls into the life stream and has to find his “true self”.

You were telling people before that you were EX-SOLDIER 1st class …? No… that was Zack… remember? Zack died… you picked up his sword though … that wasn’t you in that old photo you remember … that was also Zack …

Thus, the role-player experiences “oh… this is who i really am”, and continues the role-playing game from there.

This is of course even more effective to younger players as they may still be developing their sense of “true self” and identity in the real world.

In various parts of the game, a high frequency constant tone may sound like tinitus, the screen may flash, fade or suddenly switch to a pure black or pure white screen, then dialogue text appearing, speaking to the role-player’s mind, akin to an inner voice inside one’s head, but other times as an external voice speaking into the mind … JENOVA? Sephiroth? Cloud’s consciousness? Are you a puppet? Hmm? Who are you? Are your memories real?

In this way, it was a true masterpiece which exhibits and exploits techniques which yield powerful experiences and effects to the role-player which is impossible for voice-acted RPGs to achieve… unless they implement realistic voice synthesis to speak the role-player’s inputted name, and exploit “deepfake” machine-learning for the protagonist to mimic their real voice.

so, when will we get good voice synthesis for RPGs? machine-learned player voice? wen FFVII remake voice synth mod? enter your real friend’s names as the other party members? train their voice etc?

let’s mosey
(where to? the knowlespole? or temple of the ancients? let’s maybe talk to the JENOVA’s witnesses, where have all the Cetra people gone anyway… ?)

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generative art via brain <-> machine interfaces. the next level

the next level of generative art will be brain <-> machine interfaces where one can imagine music and the computer records it, visualise imagery and the computer displays it.

the machine should be able to stream the sounds as they are played in the mind’s ear, not just record them. that will be the real next level.

there will be brain <-> machine interface soundsystem clashes between artists.

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Twitter restricted my account (again) for so-called “misleading” information

After discussing facts & theories with AaronOtsuka, twitter have decided to censor JUST ONE of my comments in the thread, and they have restricted my account (AnsonyManji)i cannot use my account until i give a phone number and delete the tweet, or appeal which i have done I find this absolutely absurd not only from a censorship view, but one has to ask — why did they censor only this one tweet? see for yourself:

Twitter are also asking for my phone number again, yet i do not have a phone number associated with my account. This is coercion to get me to hand over personal information which i do not trust them with.

Here is the “violating” tweet and i will show a screenshot of the entire thread (with a marker showing where this comment was) … i have also appealed their action and will show my appeal at the bottom of this post:

screenshot of the entire thread (with a marker showing where this comment was):


i have violated no policy, please show me which policy i have violated, i need to know exactly what i said that allegedly violated a policy so that i can prevent violation in the future.

account locked after sharing a scientific theory based on real scientific data, twitter are asking for a phone number, i do not have a phone number associated with my account, i request another form of verification (email).

the post in question i state my THEORY that “INFLUVAC TETRA” may have caused virus interference in 2019, leading to more aggressive seasonal coronaviruses & metapneumoviruses, in the tweet in question i am talking about the potential unintended effects of influenza vaccines as per established medical studies, for example: ( PMID: 31607599 PMCID: PMC7126676 )

“Receipt of influenza vaccination was not associated with virus interference among our population. Examining virus interference by specific respiratory viruses showed mixed results. Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus

i am sharing that that the influenza vaccine can make seasonal non-influenza respiratory viruses more aggressive, an effect known as “vaccine derived virus interference” as is established in the scientific literature already as you can see from such example above. narcolepsy & seizures are well-established side effects of flu vaccines going as far back as 2009 swine flu season, there is no debate about this, they are official adverse events and observed worldwide.

again, please understand i do not have a phone number to associate with my twitter account, and that my theory is based in sound scientific data, and i am not saying “this is sars-cov-2”, but that in 2019, the regular coronavirus(seasonal) may have got more aggressive from virus intereference as is established previous years in the scientific literature.

furthermore, all microwave transceivers (not just “HUAWEI”) are multi-use technology and can be used for purposes other than data transmission such as modelling the weather by interfering with O2 and H2O absorption regions of the microwave spectrum, see: foundational course documentation showing the regions of the microwave spectrum for O2 and H2O intereference, to measure weather data by microwave absorbtion regions (22GHz, 60GHz, etc.), NASA/JPSS data. if transceivers at these frequency bands are pointed at people on the ground and at high intensity then it may potentially interfere with O2 in that person and cause ill effects.

i also state clearly, it is my “theory”, i am not claiming “this is the fact and only truth”, i am open to replies and discussion which is the proper scientfic method.

i have violated no policy, please show me which policy i have violated, i need to know exactly what i said that allegedly violated a policy so that i can prevent violation in the future.


They have not replied to the appeal yet, i will wait to see how they respond. In the meantime i cannot access my account:, but it is still visible for all other people to browse.

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Mesopotamian UTU / SHAMASH seems the same as “hindu” SHIVA as NATARAJ: my observations

UTU / SHAMASH “cutting mountains in Sippar” (see for more)

My Observations & Links

SHIVA as NATARAJ (COSMIC DANCE “TANDAVA”), crushing “Apasmara”
(“fierce”/”fiery” form)

It seems to me that SHIVA as NATARAJ(A) is the same form as Mesopotamian UTU/SHAMASH

They both appear to be hitting the ground with a “fiery landing” from above (hence the fire/smoke trails)

UTU/SHAMASH “cuts the mountain”, and SHIVA as NATARAJ (performing the COSMIC DANCE TANDAVA) “crushes Apasmara”

SHIVA’s Trishul (Trident) seems to be related to the symbol to the side of UTU/SHAMASH which seems to be formed from AN (dingir) at the top, with one point extending down to the earth (KI?) … AN = Heaven/Sky/God … KI =Earth … the symbol opposite seems related to SHIVA’s drum (Damaru)

They also both wear elaborate helmets in their depictions

Other symbols also correlate and seem related, in their hands.

I think the fact Shiva has many arms holding different items is so the people could depict the deity in one image (he had this, that, another thing, power of this, that, etc.), hence, many arms are shown in Hindu deities, as they hold various weapons, tools, and other items that may be symbolic of certain powers or attributes, though … they may have had many physical arms i think it is to show everything in one form …

below is an old video from December 2019 where i initially rambled about my observations … this video was unscripted and rushed, i made a couple of mistakes (corrected in comments), as i felt a slight “eurika” moment as the symbolism correlation clicked, i wanted to share it, and i don’t know anyone else who has noticed these SHIVA + UTU/SHAMASH connections … the 2nd half has clips from a video regarding SHIVA as NATARAJ in particular and the “COSMIC DANCE”:

my video from December 2019, hasted, no script, few mistakes which i correct in comments …

if anyone sees this and has any input, any more observations and links, please let me know via commenting on this post or email, cheers.