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Sacred Geometry & Sympathetic Resonance & Room Modes

i tell u:

further to the phenomenom i explained regarding sound permeating all mediums, we will discuss sacred harmonics and sacred geometry and wave physics:

1. Room Modes & Standing Waves in TEMPLES and Studios/Venues

when constructing a temple or room inside a temple, the dimensions of the room will create a “standing wave” and “room mode”. This is the phenomenon where the dimensions of the room will amplify specific freqencies/wavelengths.

the standing wave/room mode can be calculated by dividing the length of the room by the speed of sound(in air — sound travels different speeds in different mediums)

one may also test manually by sweeping a frequency from a loudspeaker slowly, at equal amplitude, or playing whitenoise into the room, and measuring a frequency analyser to see which specific frequency is being amplified.

The room modes effectively AMPLIFY specific frequencies with *constructive interference* of the waves

in modern times, studio engineers and concert venue audio engineers take these room modes and standing waves into account when considering the acoustics of the rooms, and they will compensate with equalisation or changes to the room.

in the sacred geometry and resonances, we will experience *MANTRA* and specific *MUSICAL TONES* being amplified *BY THE TEMPLE ITSELF*, according to the dimensions of the room/temple. The Ommmmm/Aummmm will be more powerful.

2. Sympathetic Resonance & Helmholtz Resonators

There is also the phenomenon of *sympathetic resonance* where specific frequencies will resonate with specific materials and objects, based on the base resonance. This can be seen when an opera singer may hit a specific note and smash some glass — this is a real phenomenon — and it’s not merely the amplitude of the singer but the FREQUENCY matching that of the glass and causing sympathetic resonance.

So when we consider both of these together, we can experience the room mode amplification together with resonance of the human brain when chanting OM/AUM, and other mantra.

Furthermore there are “helmholtz resonator” effects, and the human head/skull itself may act as a helmholtz resonator where the waves may bounce around inside and dissipate within the skull being absorbed by the brain

This page may be updated with extra info when i feel like adding to it, i am putting the main idea here from censored twitter and deleted facebooks from over the years.

3. The Sacred Numbers for Frequency/Geometry

We also should consider pythagorean tuning and geometry and the keys of A432Hz/C256Hz, pentatonic, and the correlating geometry of the rooms the music and sound is played in, key values for frequency and geometry: 9, 36, 108, 144, 216, 256 (square values), 384, 234, 432, 666, et cetera

this is why we have 108 beads on the mantra bracelets, etc., and why these numbers appear in ancient religious temples and objects. They have a key.

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