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Larry Silverstein: “i built model airplanes, i flew them”


an edit i made of: “לארי סילברסטיין – Larry Silverstein יזם: Ground Zero NY אורח עיר הנד"לן 2014 של מרכז הבניה” (youtube URI: JUvLCzk7nh4) … edited with kdenlive for educational purposes

Larry Silverstein, owner of the World Trade Centre complex on September 11th 2001, recounts that as a child:
“… i built model airplanes, i flew them …”

Larry also explains they had the plans to build the new building BEFORE the towers got hit.

He states in this speech that fire brought down WTC7 (salomon brothers building)

But, in an old documentary he clearly states that he gave the order to “PULL IT” (textbook controlled demolition terminology) see below:

it is a haunting speech he gives, so i added appropriate music:
Music: Mattia Cupelli – Dark Tension Rising Music (Royalty FREE)

Feel free to download and share the video, but please also share the link to the bitchute version for easier sharing.

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engineering the presence of gods: secret temple tech + unlabeled tech-artefacts at cairo museum + HatHor temple key mural variation — it DOES NOT EXIST IN Auguste Mariette’s 1870s drawings

related: South Crypt mural, the so-called “dendera light” (A.Mariette: “Crypte 4”)
in the same crypt as the only other depiction of the so-called “Menat Necklace”
Wolfgang Waitkus: “Die Texte in den Unteren Krypten des Hathortempels von Dendera” (Crypt East 1 A East Wall)

dendera HatHor crypt text: (“[Come] in peace, In-Secret-Initiate of holy places, young man [……rest destroyed]”)

1) Undocumented rarely-seen mural variation
2) Unlabeled rarely-seen technological museum artefacts match the mural
3) Engineering the Presence of Gods: Esoteric Compartmentalised “temple technology”, secret inventions exploited in Ancient temples, kept secret from commoners
4) Ceremonial Function: the Encrypted Ritual Objects of the HatHor temple Dendera were “Given Life” on Holy Days and Brought Up

Undocumented rarely-seen mural variation

in the chambers above the crypts of the temple of HatHor in dendera, there exists the only other mural of the so-called “menat necklace” device, also depicted in one Crypt (A.Mariette: “Crypte 4”). i was lucky to get photos of this, and i cannot find any other photos of it online.

THIS IS THE ONLY OTHER INSTANCE WHERE THIS OBJECT appears in the complex, and it DOES NOT EXIST in Auguste Mariette’s 1870s drawings which are the go-to source for most egyptologists (see: … more missing too)

compared to the one in the crypt, if we look closely, it has slight variations on the details. of particular interest it seems to show equidistantly-spaced cylinders around the cables, as opposed to a series of circles.

this arrangement matches the unlabeled artefacts i found in the Cairo museum: copper & iron rods with equidistantly-spaced cylinders around the rods, grouped with heads of HatHor “terminals(see below — i am also awaiting a reply from the ministry of tourism & antiquities regarding any information on them)

the undocumented, rarely-seen section:

equidistantly-spaced cylinders around the cables (in contrast to a series of circles) the “terminals” are styled as heads of HatHor as usual, but the cables seem to terminate differently this variation too, a “flower” appears on the left bottom piece:

Unlabeled, rarely-seen museum artefacts match the device

LOOK AT THIS AMAZING NECKLACE!!! <3 (the unlabeled cabinet i discovered in the Cairo museum — cannot find a photo of this anywhere else or any information on it)

iron rod, copper rod, equidistantly-spaced cylinders around the copper rod, and terminal-like parts styled as the heads of HatHor

the different variety of the cylinders and heads may indicate different usage and functions. some have square holes, some have round holes, some are different materials/colours, some have bulges, etc., and we see one type of cylinder used repeatedly along the copper rod. they also may have been experimenting to find optimal materials.

the copper and iron rods exhibit high levels of rust/oxidation — the iron rod in particular — possibly from immersion or exposure to fluids, for example using an iron rod surrounded by copper, in a jar filled with electrolytic fluid (grape juice, etc) similar to the “baghdad(/parthian) batteries”.

there most likely are many more related artefacts in their collection

below is the mural variation from the crypt, the only other place it is depicted in the entire dendera complex, note here we do not see the equidistantly-spaced cylinders, nor the “flower” at the base of the left piece … possibly simplified elements … (the zig zag inside the circle is missing from A.Mariette’s 1870s drawing):

South Crypt mural, the so-called “menat necklace” (A.Mariette: “Crypte 4”)

Cases of Compartmentalised technology, secret inventions in Ancient temples such as in Alexandria, kept secret from lay worshippers, engineering the presence of gods

Statues in temples that would “cry blood”, there were thunder machines in temple roofs that would emulate the sound of thunder as a sign from the gods, altars for fire sacrifice that would cause a door to open when the fire was made — statues that animate — and even lesser known would be ritual objects and electrified statues that would either shock the common worshipper or cause a tingling sensation — and ones possibly with electrically-illuminated elements.

it is known that in various ancient temples including in Alexandria the initiates/elite priests of those temples sometimes exploited secret inventions & “magical” technology to create impressions on the lay people who came to worship, effectively engineering a sense that “the gods” were present, or that a prayer or sacrifice was answered, etc.

Much of this “temple technology” was kept compartmentalised & secret, it was for the initiates (maybe prescribing punishment of death for revealing secrets), and the common people were not taught these early “magical” technologies. The secrecy of the early esoteric temple technology was absolutely essential for the desired effect.

Consequences of this is that the technology is easily lost to the sands of time, after wars. in cases where we do find references, key pieces may be in a symbolic form which was only easily-understood by the initiates (i.e: Agastya Samhita listing “the neck of a peacock” ingredient, which was a symbolic reference to copper sulfate to make electrochemical jars, copper sulfate being the same colour as the neck of a peacock)

We have a few documented examples of related technology such as from Hero of Alexandria though there must have been much more, not least the public inventions lost to the destruction of the library of Alexandria, but also the secret temple technology which required strict secrecy of the inventions for them to be effective in maintaining the “presence of the gods” effect. It simply would not have the desired effect if people could see “the wizard pulling levers behind the curtain”

the Encrypted Ritual Objects of the HatHor temple Dendera were “Given Life” on Holy Days and Brought Up

In the case of the temple of HatHor at dendera, we know the crypts were for the initiates of the secrets, and the special “ritual objects” were kept down there, together with symbolic esoteric murals for the initiates:

Wolfgang Waitkus: “Die Texte in den Unteren Krypten des Hathortempels von Dendera” (Crypt East 1 A East Wall)

(“[Come] in peace, In-Secret-Initiate of holy places, young man [……rest destroyed]”)

Those “ritual objects” were brought up from the crypts only on specific festivals and holy days, and on those days it says they were “given life” in the crypt and brought up — the Ba/Ka (energies of life) were manifested in the idols on those special days, and the people rejoiced in reverence

Wolfgang Waitkus: “Die Texte in den Unteren Krypten des Hathortempels von Dendera” (with a dodgy google translate)

Given that we know Alexandria and other locations had “temple technology” to amaze the oblivious lay-people, it would make sense that the “Ritual Objects” that are “Given Life” from the crypts of the temple of HatHor most likely exhibited “magical” properties to engineer the sensation in the lay people that the gods were truly present on those special holy days, when they took the ritual objects to the roof and other places for a spectacle, a microcosmic ceremony where the images of the gods were “given life”, made themselves apparent, much more than just simply bringing up lifeless statues.

Huge key sections of the crypts have been hacked off, but even with what they left us we can see what appear to be symbolic references to technological devices, and possible archaeological evidence of electrical components for some of those devices in an unlabeled cabinet in the cairo museum (iron rod, copper rod, cylinders, HatHor head terminals).

The Agastya Samhita told us to use “the neck of a peacock” to make electricity, we now know it meant copper sulfate.

So what of harsomtus the serpent coming alive and being contained in the hn-container, supported by the anthropomorphised djed pillar, the “ba” and “ka” energy manifesting, etc.

One must strive to see these crypts through the eyes of the initiates of the secrets, not as a lay-person.

more to come, and will be updated with more sources, references, and connections…

a small selection of many photos i took of mostly South Crypt (A.Mariette: “Crypte 4”), where the so-called “dendera light” mural is located, the same Crypt with the so-called “menat necklace” with cables coming out of the head terminals. All the main murals of West Crypt (“Crypte 7”) have been mostly hacked off


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“communist” hammer & sickle (☭) is “responsible” for tens of millions of deaths, maybe hundreds of millions.

“communist” hammer & sickle (☭) is “responsible” for tens of millions of deaths, maybe hundreds of millions.

the shadow meaning: the hammer is to hammer down the people that stand up like nails … a sickle for the grim reap “harvest”, culling.

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Nagasaki peace memorial looks like SATAN

Nagasaki peace memorial looks like SATAN from Pandæmonium (“paradise lost”)

Pandæmonium is the capital of Hell in John Milton‘s epic poem Paradise Lost.

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Defects Are Not Side Effects. Menstrual Defects are Fertility Defects

defects are not side effects。
menstrual defects are fertility defects。
bell’s palsy defect is like from the film “AI: Artificial Intelligence” (2001)

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Mesopotamian UTU / SHAMASH seems the same as “hindu” SHIVA as NATARAJ: my observations

UTU / SHAMASH “cutting mountains in Sippar” (see for more)

My Observations & Links

SHIVA as NATARAJ (COSMIC DANCE “TANDAVA”), crushing “Apasmara”
(“fierce”/”fiery” form)

It seems to me that SHIVA as NATARAJ(A) is the same form as Mesopotamian UTU/SHAMASH

They both appear to be hitting the ground with a “fiery landing” from above (hence the fire/smoke trails)

UTU/SHAMASH “cuts the mountain”, and SHIVA as NATARAJ (performing the COSMIC DANCE TANDAVA) “crushes Apasmara”

SHIVA’s Trishul (Trident) seems to be related to the symbol to the side of UTU/SHAMASH which seems to be formed from AN (dingir) at the top, with one point extending down to the earth (KI?) … AN = Heaven/Sky/God … KI =Earth … the symbol opposite seems related to SHIVA’s drum (Damaru)

They also both wear elaborate helmets in their depictions

Other symbols also correlate and seem related, in their hands.

I think the fact Shiva has many arms holding different items is so the people could depict the deity in one image (he had this, that, another thing, power of this, that, etc.), hence, many arms are shown in Hindu deities, as they hold various weapons, tools, and other items that may be symbolic of certain powers or attributes, though … they may have had many physical arms i think it is to show everything in one form …

below is an old video from December 2019 where i initially rambled about my observations … this video was unscripted and rushed, i made a couple of mistakes (corrected in comments), as i felt a slight “eurika” moment as the symbolism correlation clicked, i wanted to share it, and i don’t know anyone else who has noticed these SHIVA + UTU/SHAMASH connections … the 2nd half has clips from a video regarding SHIVA as NATARAJ in particular and the “COSMIC DANCE”:

my video from December 2019, hasted, no script, few mistakes which i correct in comments …

if anyone sees this and has any input, any more observations and links, please let me know via commenting on this post or email, cheers.

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some of my old digital art & glitch art & photography art (part 1)

Some of my old Glitch art from HEX editing JPEGs, GNU/Linux screenshot edits, photography edits, concoctions, etc.
any manipulation was done using GNU The GIMP on GNU/Linux. Uploading here as a permanent record and archived at and

Corrupt JPEG data: Marilyn Monroe Hex Edit “HAIL SATAN”
Aleister Crowley Hex Edit Concoction
monroe + […]
Girl & Trash GNU GIMP
inbox me
Japanese Idol Eye Hex Edit Obfuscation
Aeris: “This guy are sick.”
Linux Kernel Messenger: Out Of Memory: “sacrifice child”
crowley hex edit pure solo
Linux Kernel Messenger: “multipath personality registered” UNIX time X.666XXX
Mia Overdose
zark muckerberg
XRPiss Ripple
hex marley
Mars Elevation Map + ORiON + EGiPT
Richard Stallman Switchmode
Coronal Hole Pentagram
NBC News IX XI 2001 Twin Tower $ mplayer $ scrot ADHD
DISCLAIMER: (made by an old friend Lina when she was at my flat, this one i didn’t create, but it is a notable piece)
“Stop with all the pics”