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generative art via brain <-> machine interfaces. the next level

the next level of generative art will be brain <-> machine interfaces where one can imagine music and the computer records it, visualise imagery and the computer displays it.

the machine should be able to stream the sounds as they are played in the mind’s ear, not just record them. that will be the real next level.

there will be brain <-> machine interface soundsystem clashes between artists.

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Larry Silverstein: “i built model airplanes, i flew them”


an edit i made of: “לארי סילברסטיין – Larry Silverstein יזם: Ground Zero NY אורח עיר הנד"לן 2014 של מרכז הבניה” (youtube URI: JUvLCzk7nh4) … edited with kdenlive for educational purposes

Larry Silverstein, owner of the World Trade Centre complex on September 11th 2001, recounts that as a child:
“… i built model airplanes, i flew them …”

Larry also explains they had the plans to build the new building BEFORE the towers got hit.

He states in this speech that fire brought down WTC7 (salomon brothers building)

But, in an old documentary he clearly states that he gave the order to “PULL IT” (textbook controlled demolition terminology) see below:

it is a haunting speech he gives, so i added appropriate music:
Music: Mattia Cupelli – Dark Tension Rising Music (Royalty FREE)

Feel free to download and share the video, but please also share the link to the bitchute version for easier sharing.

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heavenly heads

ancient representations of 天 (heaven) depict a man with a large head, outstretched arms.

(heaven refers to that which is up, the stars, space, the heavens)

“heavenly beings” with large heads?

is there a link? AkhenAten? other ancient beings?


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INFLUVAC TETRA 2019 x Modified ADENOVIRUS & Spike Protein 2020→2021


「mixing vessels」



field of views
tunnel visions

the book of the health
the health of the book

the wealth of the crook
they are all off the hook

indemnified from the petrified
global gravy mixed into babies
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there is no such thing as “sex change surgery”. i will term it Gender Appearance Editing (GAE)

there is no such thing as “sex change surgery”, it is just deceptively changing appearance, to deceive, and to satisfy desires of gender dysphoria (or abusive parents/guardians).

🌈🏳️‍🌈 i will term it Gender Appearance/Anatomy Editing (GAE) 
"Texas declares transgender surgeries [Sic/Recte:  GAE] on children to be illegal child abuse"

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Twitter restricted my account (again) for so-called “misleading” information

After discussing facts & theories with AaronOtsuka, twitter have decided to censor JUST ONE of my comments in the thread, and they have restricted my account (AnsonyManji)i cannot use my account until i give a phone number and delete the tweet, or appeal which i have done I find this absolutely absurd not only from a censorship view, but one has to ask — why did they censor only this one tweet? see for yourself:

Twitter are also asking for my phone number again, yet i do not have a phone number associated with my account. This is coercion to get me to hand over personal information which i do not trust them with.

Here is the “violating” tweet and i will show a screenshot of the entire thread (with a marker showing where this comment was) … i have also appealed their action and will show my appeal at the bottom of this post:

screenshot of the entire thread (with a marker showing where this comment was):


i have violated no policy, please show me which policy i have violated, i need to know exactly what i said that allegedly violated a policy so that i can prevent violation in the future.

account locked after sharing a scientific theory based on real scientific data, twitter are asking for a phone number, i do not have a phone number associated with my account, i request another form of verification (email).

the post in question i state my THEORY that “INFLUVAC TETRA” may have caused virus interference in 2019, leading to more aggressive seasonal coronaviruses & metapneumoviruses, in the tweet in question i am talking about the potential unintended effects of influenza vaccines as per established medical studies, for example: ( PMID: 31607599 PMCID: PMC7126676 )

“Receipt of influenza vaccination was not associated with virus interference among our population. Examining virus interference by specific respiratory viruses showed mixed results. Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus

i am sharing that that the influenza vaccine can make seasonal non-influenza respiratory viruses more aggressive, an effect known as “vaccine derived virus interference” as is established in the scientific literature already as you can see from such example above. narcolepsy & seizures are well-established side effects of flu vaccines going as far back as 2009 swine flu season, there is no debate about this, they are official adverse events and observed worldwide.

again, please understand i do not have a phone number to associate with my twitter account, and that my theory is based in sound scientific data, and i am not saying “this is sars-cov-2”, but that in 2019, the regular coronavirus(seasonal) may have got more aggressive from virus intereference as is established previous years in the scientific literature.

furthermore, all microwave transceivers (not just “HUAWEI”) are multi-use technology and can be used for purposes other than data transmission such as modelling the weather by interfering with O2 and H2O absorption regions of the microwave spectrum, see: foundational course documentation showing the regions of the microwave spectrum for O2 and H2O intereference, to measure weather data by microwave absorbtion regions (22GHz, 60GHz, etc.), NASA/JPSS data. if transceivers at these frequency bands are pointed at people on the ground and at high intensity then it may potentially interfere with O2 in that person and cause ill effects.

i also state clearly, it is my “theory”, i am not claiming “this is the fact and only truth”, i am open to replies and discussion which is the proper scientfic method.

i have violated no policy, please show me which policy i have violated, i need to know exactly what i said that allegedly violated a policy so that i can prevent violation in the future.


They have not replied to the appeal yet, i will wait to see how they respond. In the meantime i cannot access my account:, but it is still visible for all other people to browse.

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HUAWEI logo is an ideograph of a Human Brain – EM waves to the brain.

HUAWEI logo is an ideograph of a Human Brain – EM waves to the brain.
What does a crowd control system for over 1 billion people look like?

Brain/Body <-> Machine Wireless Interface

Remote Incapacitation and induction of ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome)
Increased Permeation of the Blood-Brain Barrier (known since 2G/GSM tech era)

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i hypothesise that brain parasites/worms influence flesh-eater’s behaviour

i hypothesise that worms influence flesh-eater’s brain & behaviour.
it is not uncommon that the worms & eggs from flesh enter the brain and chest of flesh-eaters.
it is a so-called “hidden pandemic”, with many cases in China & USA which are misdiagnosed as brain cancer, lung cancer, flu, coronavirus, mere “headaches”, and more.

just like toxoplasmosis affects cats, i think their brain parasites affect the behaviour of the host to get angry at non-flesh eaters (“vegans”) more, like they drool at the mouth shouting “wHERe dO yOU GeT ProTEiN fROm?!? EaT SoME baCoN mMM BaCoN …” as if i never used to eat steak almost every day?

i think those parasites are influencing them to encourage more people to become hosts of the parasites.
y’all have brain parasites like the RAAJA from “Earth Maiden Arjuna” Anime series.

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lactoferrin in titty milk is good for health – don’t knock ICE T for sucking tits.

So what? ICE T likes to suck some titty milk … What do other people prefer, sucking on cow’s tits? …

… i’m Vegan.

Breast milk contains Lactoferrin. (AKA Laactotransferrin)

Lactoferrin is Antiviral, Antimicrobial, Antifungal, Anticancer, etc.
Lactoferrin is also found in saliva & tears.

Lactoferrin is good for health, healing, and boosts natural immunity.
It is one of the first lines of defense for infants before they develop their own immunity, gut flora microbiome, etc.

spirulina & chlorella are good for immunity too.
breast milk from a lady who supplements with spirulina would be an interesting strain.

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Defects Are Not Side Effects. Menstrual Defects are Fertility Defects

defects are not side effects。
menstrual defects are fertility defects。
bell’s palsy defect is like from the film “AI: Artificial Intelligence” (2001)