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backend maintenance update

there has been a rare intermittent glitch where an I/O error causes BTC/LTC block data to be corrupt on my payment server

reindexing from the beginning takes a long time, and it has been corrupting before reaching 100% sync lately

this is not a problem with Bitcoin or Litecoin but a problem with BTCPayServer docker I/O behaviour paired with my server host’s block storage it seems (a previous host was much worse, and told me not to use the block storage for “databases”)

i have now changed to a different kernel with different tuning to see if it improves, and hopefully fixed for good, otherwise i may run BTCPayServer without using docker (not recommended), or change to yet another host just for this payment node.

in the meantime, please email WORLDISAFUCKEU@PROTONMAIL.COM to place an order manually if needed

full BTC & LTC daemons re-sync in progress, let’s hope it doesn’t get to 80% or so and then have I/O error corrupting the blocks ^_^;