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Waves of the Future may influence the Present

i tell u:

Events of the future may impact the present. When a significant event or “spike” in the activity occurs, it may create a ripple of waves in all directions which may be felt in some form of Extra-Sensory Perception (“ESP”) in the present moment. Furthermore when those waves reach the end of the resonator/sphere/other containment, the waves will bounce back and collide with waves in the other direction

there is also constructive interference and destructive interference of waves, in all types of wave physics there is this phenomenon of constructive interference and destructive interference

in addition, there is *sympathetic resonance* where the wave oscillation of a medium may match that of an external wave, and start to resonate and amplify and become much louder

again, this could explain some forms of ESP and precognition. The more significant the event and the more relevant to the person then the more likely they may feel the ripples from the future.

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