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there is no such thing as “sex change surgery”. i will term it Gender Appearance Editing (GAE)

there is no such thing as “sex change surgery”, it is just deceptively changing appearance, to deceive, and to satisfy desires of gender dysphoria (or abusive parents/guardians).

🌈🏳️‍🌈 i will term it Gender Appearance/Anatomy Editing (GAE) 
"Texas declares transgender surgeries [Sic/Recte:  GAE] on children to be illegal child abuse"

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Mesopotamian UTU / SHAMASH seems the same as “hindu” SHIVA as NATARAJ: my observations

UTU / SHAMASH “cutting mountains in Sippar” (see for more)

My Observations & Links

SHIVA as NATARAJ (COSMIC DANCE “TANDAVA”), crushing “Apasmara”
(“fierce”/”fiery” form)

It seems to me that SHIVA as NATARAJ(A) is the same form as Mesopotamian UTU/SHAMASH

They both appear to be hitting the ground with a “fiery landing” from above (hence the fire/smoke trails)

UTU/SHAMASH “cuts the mountain”, and SHIVA as NATARAJ (performing the COSMIC DANCE TANDAVA) “crushes Apasmara”

SHIVA’s Trishul (Trident) seems to be related to the symbol to the side of UTU/SHAMASH which seems to be formed from AN (dingir) at the top, with one point extending down to the earth (KI?) … AN = Heaven/Sky/God … KI =Earth … the symbol opposite seems related to SHIVA’s drum (Damaru)

They also both wear elaborate helmets in their depictions

Other symbols also correlate and seem related, in their hands.

I think the fact Shiva has many arms holding different items is so the people could depict the deity in one image (he had this, that, another thing, power of this, that, etc.), hence, many arms are shown in Hindu deities, as they hold various weapons, tools, and other items that may be symbolic of certain powers or attributes, though … they may have had many physical arms i think it is to show everything in one form …

below is an old video from December 2019 where i initially rambled about my observations … this video was unscripted and rushed, i made a couple of mistakes (corrected in comments), as i felt a slight “eurika” moment as the symbolism correlation clicked, i wanted to share it, and i don’t know anyone else who has noticed these SHIVA + UTU/SHAMASH connections … the 2nd half has clips from a video regarding SHIVA as NATARAJ in particular and the “COSMIC DANCE”:

my video from December 2019, hasted, no script, few mistakes which i correct in comments …

if anyone sees this and has any input, any more observations and links, please let me know via commenting on this post or email, cheers.

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Santani Sounds LIVE @ 2020.12.17 2000 UTC SDF.ORG with 𒀭Ashtar 卐Ventura

LIVE CAST talking about “THE BEGINNING OF THE END”, Israeli PSYOPS regarding Aliens and Martian Underground Bases Covering up EXPERIMENTS ON EARTH DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES, Vaccine Operation WARP SPEED, etc., Viktor Schauberger Flying Disc technology (“UFO”) Linux Kernel realtime vs server, etc., freestyle as usual …

1 KANEDA [金田] – 能山城組 Symphonic Suite AKIRA
2 TETSUO [鉄雄] – 能山城組 Symphonic Suite AKIRA
3 It’s Cold Outside – Red Dwarf

Documentary about VIKTOR SCHAUBERGER and the FLYING DISC technology i refer to (including NASA explaining they “lost a piece”, apparently …)

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a ‘party trick’: when yawning i can shoot Saliva from the gland under my tongue like a Snake shoots venom 🐍 (seriously)

i can shoot saliva out the gland under my tongue like a snake shoots venom (it can happen WHEN I YAWN!!!)
seriously! i’m serious … i don’t mean “spitting”

i mean that it shoots out the gland under my tongue like a snake shoots venom!

only when i yawn!

it is said they have “discovered” a previously unknown saliva gland, i think it may be connected?

(tubarial salivary glands)

Also worth noting:

Saliva enzymes help us pre-digest plant food, we chew and salivate for pre-digestion,
a key part of our digestive system.

when we see tasty fruit this is why we salivate, it’s to digest plants

saliva enzymes also react with plant drugs🍀

our saliva enzymes don’t digest/break meat.