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Twitter restricted my account (again) for so-called “misleading” information

After discussing facts & theories with AaronOtsuka, twitter have decided to censor JUST ONE of my comments in the thread, and they have restricted my account (AnsonyManji)i cannot use my account until i give a phone number and delete the tweet, or appeal which i have done I find this absolutely absurd not only from a censorship view, but one has to ask — why did they censor only this one tweet? see for yourself:

Twitter are also asking for my phone number again, yet i do not have a phone number associated with my account. This is coercion to get me to hand over personal information which i do not trust them with.

Here is the “violating” tweet and i will show a screenshot of the entire thread (with a marker showing where this comment was) … i have also appealed their action and will show my appeal at the bottom of this post:

screenshot of the entire thread (with a marker showing where this comment was):


i have violated no policy, please show me which policy i have violated, i need to know exactly what i said that allegedly violated a policy so that i can prevent violation in the future.

account locked after sharing a scientific theory based on real scientific data, twitter are asking for a phone number, i do not have a phone number associated with my account, i request another form of verification (email).

the post in question i state my THEORY that “INFLUVAC TETRA” may have caused virus interference in 2019, leading to more aggressive seasonal coronaviruses & metapneumoviruses, in the tweet in question i am talking about the potential unintended effects of influenza vaccines as per established medical studies, for example: ( PMID: 31607599 PMCID: PMC7126676 )

“Receipt of influenza vaccination was not associated with virus interference among our population. Examining virus interference by specific respiratory viruses showed mixed results. Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus

i am sharing that that the influenza vaccine can make seasonal non-influenza respiratory viruses more aggressive, an effect known as “vaccine derived virus interference” as is established in the scientific literature already as you can see from such example above. narcolepsy & seizures are well-established side effects of flu vaccines going as far back as 2009 swine flu season, there is no debate about this, they are official adverse events and observed worldwide.

again, please understand i do not have a phone number to associate with my twitter account, and that my theory is based in sound scientific data, and i am not saying “this is sars-cov-2”, but that in 2019, the regular coronavirus(seasonal) may have got more aggressive from virus intereference as is established previous years in the scientific literature.

furthermore, all microwave transceivers (not just “HUAWEI”) are multi-use technology and can be used for purposes other than data transmission such as modelling the weather by interfering with O2 and H2O absorption regions of the microwave spectrum, see: foundational course documentation showing the regions of the microwave spectrum for O2 and H2O intereference, to measure weather data by microwave absorbtion regions (22GHz, 60GHz, etc.), NASA/JPSS data. if transceivers at these frequency bands are pointed at people on the ground and at high intensity then it may potentially interfere with O2 in that person and cause ill effects.

i also state clearly, it is my “theory”, i am not claiming “this is the fact and only truth”, i am open to replies and discussion which is the proper scientfic method.

i have violated no policy, please show me which policy i have violated, i need to know exactly what i said that allegedly violated a policy so that i can prevent violation in the future.


They have not replied to the appeal yet, i will wait to see how they respond. In the meantime i cannot access my account:, but it is still visible for all other people to browse.

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Nagasaki peace memorial looks like SATAN

Nagasaki peace memorial looks like SATAN from Pandæmonium (“paradise lost”)

Pandæmonium is the capital of Hell in John Milton‘s epic poem Paradise Lost.

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www.笑.wtf new IDN domain & brand!

this site is now reachable via www.笑.wtf Internationalized Domain Name/ IDN!
i have also set up TLS/SSL encryption with letsencrypt

this same site is still accessible via , do not panic!
it is also accessible via www.笑.jp too, for at least a year (because i registered it in haste)

New products with the www.笑.wtf brand and more will be released soon!
so please check back once in a while!

what is the reasoning for www.笑.wtf ?
on the internet in English we type hahaha to laugh, but in Japanese we type www!
furthermore, the 笑 ideograph means to laugh, equivalent of the english “LOL”

so, one could consider the website translation as


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“Jesus” as a dead man IDOL & Osaka Japan Running man Symbol

look at their main IDOL, it’s a dead man … they don’t even have main idol of him in fierce form?

Matthew 10:34-36, YHSWH (“Jeezus”) said He had come at this time not to bring peace to the earth, but a sword

where is his sword? they just want people to be subservient and fear authority

and they are imposing and forcing conversion in india like they did in the UK with the forcing and Genocide of Druids & Bards of UK.

related song, intro on-point: Cumchrist – Crucifixion Must Hurt Like A Bitch

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what is NERBS-V19? (Novel Eurasian Reassortant Bird Swine Virus 2019


“Human infection with a novel reassortant Eurasian-avian lineage swine H1N1 virus in northern China”
Xiaoyan Li, Liru Guo, Caixia Liu, Yanhui Cheng, Mei Kong, Lei Yang, Zhichao Zhuang, Jia Liu, Ming Zou, Xiaochun Dong, Xu Su & Qing Gu
Received 24 Aug 2019, Accepted 07 Oct 2019, Published online: 29 Oct 2019

Avian=Bird, so i would like to coin this monstrosity as NERBS-V19 (Novel Eurasian Reassortant Bird Swine Virus 2019)

there was little media attention about NERBS-V19 in 2019 while so-called “COVID-19” was festering, but NERBS-V19 is getting attention in 2020. ( “A new virus raises fears of another pandemic” • 30 Jun 2020)

the Factory-Farm-Festered NERBS-V19 has spread from Swine to Humans already.

in late 2019, a new influenza vaccine was rolled out to the globe as per the 2019/2020 W.H.O schedule. the vaccine for 2019 was “INFLUVAC SUBUNIT TETRA”, this vaccine was not targeted at NERBS-V19, but it contained FOUR influenza virus strains (“a whole new level of autistic cancer”), along with formaldehyde (a GENOTOXIC agent, next to viruses), and other ingredients to make the abominable concoction.

this was in spite of existing studies from the previous years that the previous influenza vaccines caused VACCINE INTERFERENCE, and MORE AGGRESSIVE CORONAVIRUS AND HUMAN METAPNEUMOVIRUS in the humans receiving the shots

INFLUVAC SUBUNIT TETRA was recommended to the Elderly, Vulnerable, and Children in late 2019

this is the product they were injected with:


A/Brisbane/02/2018 (H1N1)pdm09-like virus;
A/Kansas/14/2017 (H3N2)-like virus;
B/Colorado/06/2017-like virus B/Victoria/2/87 lineage)
B/Phuket/3073/2013-like virus (B/Yamagata/16/88 lineage)

Other product information is slightly different:

A/Brisbane/02/2018 (H1N1)pdm09-like strain(A/Brisbane/02/2018, IVR-190)
A/Kansas/14/2017 (H3N2)-like strain (A/Kansas/14/2017, NYMC X-327)
B/Colorado/06/2017-like strain (B/Maryland/15/2016, NYMC BX-69A)
B/Phuket/3073/2013-like strain (B/Phuket/3073/2013, wild type)

it seems in 2019, after NERBS-V19 was discovered, there was a whole lot of mandatory vaccination, and potential vaccine interference from 2019 winter season vaccination rollout, then a “COVID-19” (sars-cov-2/2019-ncov) guise and distraction with people diagnosed based on “symptoms”, false-positive PCR tests (the sort of test that should not be used for viruses), etc., and now in 2020 there is some media attention on NERBS-V19

well, now everyone can think about vaccine interference-induced aggressive coronavirus/human metapneumovirus

and Factory-Farm-Festered NERBS-V19