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backend maintenance update

there has been a rare intermittent glitch where an I/O error causes BTC/LTC block data to be corrupt on my payment server

reindexing from the beginning takes a long time, and it has been corrupting before reaching 100% sync lately

this is not a problem with Bitcoin or Litecoin but a problem with BTCPayServer docker I/O behaviour paired with my server host’s block storage it seems (a previous host was much worse, and told me not to use the block storage for “databases”)

i have now changed to a different kernel with different tuning to see if it improves, and hopefully fixed for good, otherwise i may run BTCPayServer without using docker (not recommended), or change to yet another host just for this payment node.

in the meantime, please email WORLDISAFUCKEU@PROTONMAIL.COM to place an order manually if needed

full BTC & LTC daemons re-sync in progress, let’s hope it doesn’t get to 80% or so and then have I/O error corrupting the blocks ^_^;

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backend BTC daemon re-sync due to technical issue

the backend BTC daemon became stuck and needs to be re-synced
only the LTC payment is working at the checkout for now

if you absolutely require BTC payment at this time please email with the email you used to place order, and your name, after reaching the checkout

we can arrange a manual payment either legacy or segwit address

otherwise please be patient as i sort out the technical issue (the re-sync takes a long time, it is pruned, and may get stuck again — and i am one person running these servers and other things, so please bear with me)