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the ROOT Fundamental thing that CAN be Known

ASBOLUTELY: THE ROOT FUNDAMENTAL thing that CAN be KNOWN as we Can Comprehend, as i Can Comprehend:


Absolutely: thing ALWAYS REQUIRES thing

therefore Something ETERNALLY EXISTS

"time" has NO BEGINNING

ONLY FROM THIS ROOT OF KNOWING should we extrapolate ANY hypotheses

(NOTE: this is an eternal draft as this is an extrapolation of an eternal fractal with no beginning or end, and may be updated over time, or not.)

from here we may comprehend and extrapolate on the great fractal, or loop/non-linear aspect of “time”/everything with no beginning or end, an ever-oscillating fundamental, expansions and contractions

what Can be Known: we are in some sort of eternal fractal of reality with no beginning or end

within this we have observational consciousness such as ourselves with capability to begin to comprehend everything

This is our Absolute root which grows and extends down into the fractally infinite sphere, roots which came from a seed on the surface of the sphere, the seed came from the fruit of the previous tree of life, and that, from we know where

all life is a fractal of this fractal. cosmic, human, animal.

some can freely choose to deny absolute root eternity and claim absolute nothing as the root foundation of everything. but objectively it is a self-destroying claim, for a foundation of nothing will have nothing built upon it, nothing never existed, for it is nothing. the absolute absense of a thing is

For the Asbsolute Root, we Must Comprehend and consider Every Thing

ALL FUNDAMENTAL SCIENCE SHOULD BE DERIVED unconditionally from this Absolute Root Fundamental Thing that Can be Known

only after that pre-requisite can Any one derive an inherently Valid foundational root for extrapolation and development of any hypotheses

all else is inherently corruption, building on a foundation that may appear strong, but made partly of sand and mud, pieced together and patchworked as some may develop and extrapolate from the corrupt root.

ignore nothing

there is only everything

can safely ignore nothing

forget about nothing, it was never there

think about fractal eternity with no beginning come on kids…

All hypotheses Should be extrapolated from root fundamental or else it’s inherently a corrupt foundation

many souls in the same sphere we live, claim ultimate root descent from absolute fundamental nothingness, and forsee their self returning to nothingness we are all entities in this sphere, over time, we pass into an adjacent place over there, fractal to the side of us, entities

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