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Larry Silverstein: “i built model airplanes, i flew them”


an edit i made of: “לארי סילברסטיין – Larry Silverstein יזם: Ground Zero NY אורח עיר הנד"לן 2014 של מרכז הבניה” (youtube URI: JUvLCzk7nh4) … edited with kdenlive for educational purposes

Larry Silverstein, owner of the World Trade Centre complex on September 11th 2001, recounts that as a child:
“… i built model airplanes, i flew them …”

Larry also explains they had the plans to build the new building BEFORE the towers got hit.

He states in this speech that fire brought down WTC7 (salomon brothers building)

But, in an old documentary he clearly states that he gave the order to “PULL IT” (textbook controlled demolition terminology) see below:

it is a haunting speech he gives, so i added appropriate music:
Music: Mattia Cupelli – Dark Tension Rising Music (Royalty FREE)

Feel free to download and share the video, but please also share the link to the bitchute version for easier sharing.

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i noticed several years ago that on The Matrix “WATERFALL” poster one can see symbolism of 9/11 Twin Towers, “WATERFALL” is the official name of the design:

0. There are 2/Twin office towers superimposed
1. Each of the Twin office Towers has 9 columns of windows
2. In the middle there seems to be imagery of the “Controlled Demolition”/desruction and the grey plume of dust and smoke, akin to what was experienced on September 11th 2001.
3. The “T” in The Matrix logo is split, almost like “TT”, Twin Towers

these are my own observations that i have not seen anyone else point out

Now at “GROUND ZERO” where each Twin Tower stood in real life there is a “WATERFALL” memorial monument

“WATER” may symbolise MONEY (as in “LIQUIDIDTY”)
The Matrix “WATERFALL” (official name) poster:


“WATERFALL” memorial at “GROUND ZERO”: