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practical magick crystal-interference-derived quantum entanglement and non-locality-exploited call & response ❝spooky action at a distance❞ for immediate-reactionary-state-based micro-communication hub systems forming international & interplanetary layer-0 ❝central portals❞ joined with optical-speed upstream & downstream local spokes as layer-1

use power of the crystals
magick of crystals & light

quantum-entanglement of particles (light, etc) via crystal interference
quantum non-local pairs, divide, isolate, entrap, hermetically seal

place for call & response @ planetary hubs
hub & spoke regular optical comms outward

“quanum portal” at layer-0 using a minimal amount of entangled particles, with each portal being one division of a pair, the pair separated at a great distance, yet immediate-reactionary-state-based, “spooky action at a distance”, derived from precise crystal interference of light (and possibly other forms of energy, possibly via or in conjunction with other mediums, but crystal-interfered light we know is practical and attainable)

only a small “portal” of pairs, or possibly one pair, would be needed, (for fastest layer-0 error correction, more than 1 pair, but error correction is possible downstream at layer-1, via broadcasting the same data X amount of times from upstream, effecivey the same EC but with more lag)

the entire communication network is not quantum, but just a core layer-0 portal, with light-speed communication as a reaction to the state of the entangled pairs, the light reacting to the pair and being transmitted at the speed of light via layer-1.

it should not be processed at the portal, but reacted to as a state, and processed downstream at layer-2


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