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Mesopotamian UTU / SHAMASH seems the same as “hindu” SHIVA as NATARAJ: my observations

UTU / SHAMASH “cutting mountains in Sippar” (see for more)

My Observations & Links

SHIVA as NATARAJ (COSMIC DANCE “TANDAVA”), crushing “Apasmara”
(“fierce”/”fiery” form)

It seems to me that SHIVA as NATARAJ(A) is the same form as Mesopotamian UTU/SHAMASH

They both appear to be hitting the ground with a “fiery landing” from above (hence the fire/smoke trails)

UTU/SHAMASH “cuts the mountain”, and SHIVA as NATARAJ (performing the COSMIC DANCE TANDAVA) “crushes Apasmara”

SHIVA’s Trishul (Trident) seems to be related to the symbol to the side of UTU/SHAMASH which seems to be formed from AN (dingir) at the top, with one point extending down to the earth (KI?) … AN = Heaven/Sky/God … KI =Earth … the symbol opposite seems related to SHIVA’s drum (Damaru)

They also both wear elaborate helmets in their depictions

Other symbols also correlate and seem related, in their hands.

I think the fact Shiva has many arms holding different items is so the people could depict the deity in one image (he had this, that, another thing, power of this, that, etc.), hence, many arms are shown in Hindu deities, as they hold various weapons, tools, and other items that may be symbolic of certain powers or attributes, though … they may have had many physical arms i think it is to show everything in one form …

below is an old video from December 2019 where i initially rambled about my observations … this video was unscripted and rushed, i made a couple of mistakes (corrected in comments), as i felt a slight “eurika” moment as the symbolism correlation clicked, i wanted to share it, and i don’t know anyone else who has noticed these SHIVA + UTU/SHAMASH connections … the 2nd half has clips from a video regarding SHIVA as NATARAJ in particular and the “COSMIC DANCE”:

my video from December 2019, hasted, no script, few mistakes which i correct in comments …

if anyone sees this and has any input, any more observations and links, please let me know via commenting on this post or email, cheers.

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some of my old digital art & glitch art & photography art (part 1)

Some of my old Glitch art from HEX editing JPEGs, GNU/Linux screenshot edits, photography edits, concoctions, etc.
any manipulation was done using GNU The GIMP on GNU/Linux. Uploading here as a permanent record and archived at and

Corrupt JPEG data: Marilyn Monroe Hex Edit “HAIL SATAN”
Aleister Crowley Hex Edit Concoction
monroe + […]
Girl & Trash GNU GIMP
inbox me
Japanese Idol Eye Hex Edit Obfuscation
Aeris: “This guy are sick.”
Linux Kernel Messenger: Out Of Memory: “sacrifice child”
crowley hex edit pure solo
Linux Kernel Messenger: “multipath personality registered” UNIX time X.666XXX
Mia Overdose
zark muckerberg
XRPiss Ripple
hex marley
Mars Elevation Map + ORiON + EGiPT
Richard Stallman Switchmode
Coronal Hole Pentagram
NBC News IX XI 2001 Twin Tower $ mplayer $ scrot ADHD
DISCLAIMER: (made by an old friend Lina when she was at my flat, this one i didn’t create, but it is a notable piece)
“Stop with all the pics”

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My Precognition & Synchronicities regarding 「COVIDー19」, working with Egyptian mummies ☣️

i will try to give a timeline of the most serious of my precognitions & synchronicities, which i posted to my twitter from 2019.

Please note: the Necromancy with Egyptian mummies at the Museum goes as far back as 2012, and I have a horus-falcon apparition in a Glass from previous rituals … i will post about that soon after this post.

almost all of the pieces were posted to my twitter @ashtarventura / @_Ashtar_Ventura which was recently suspended for using the most ancient Swastika symbol (some people have Swastika-phobia???)

i will still include the direct permalinks to each timeline post, the links work but say the account is “suspended” — they should work fully as normal if/when the account is unsuspended, so i will include all the permalinks here. the screenshots i am still able to get from the data archive provided by twitter.


1. i had a strange dream on 11th November 2019:, precognitive of a CORONA event:

i dreamt there was a fiery manifestation on the horizon in the daytime
it was not “filled”, but a fiery ring on the Horizon (a fiery Corona)

in the dream there was an old man in the field who was calm and signalled to me not to worry, like it was a cyclical thing, i would not be harmed walking through it

the fact it was on the horizon symbolised something coming in the near-future

(i have tweets explaining the extra details but cannot find them in the data archive twitter has given to me right now, will update with those links if i find them …)

2. 17th November 2019, i make a rhyme “Greet with the Feet, not the Hand that touch the Meat!”

This rhyme i made after seeing this medieval illuminated manuscript image of people touching the feet (on an Arany Zoltan youtube clip), together with posting at the time about masonic handshakes and saying to greet with the feet not the hand that touched the meat, as a joke (i am vegan.)

Synchronicity/Precognition: During the COVID-19 scenario, people were encouraged to avoid handshakes, and in some places like in China there were videos of people greeting with the feet, just like i Rhymed.

(another post i cannot find in my twitter data is the masonic handshake imagery i shared close to this… but i can find this one below:)

3. November 18th – 20th 2019 i was loading up on food, not toilet paper … (mostly organic vegan babyfood smoothies and beans)

4. 19th November 2019: “has bill gates killed himself yet? i thought he wanted to reduce the population?”

5. 29th November 2019: i wear my mask, gloves, hood, and go to the museum for necromancy rituals with Egyptian Mummies.

the mask i was wearing is from KRY clothing, i picked it up in Japan from my trips there in 2017-2019 where i also sometimes wore a mask out of my own choice and etiquette or if it was cold like wearing a scarf, not because the TV or some so-called “expert” tells me to do so

i was wearing gloves, and the eye of horus i made from raw lapis lazuli using a dremel drill clone (and wearing goggles at some points). i also had a 1/4oz pure gold coin offering “falcon of the plantagenets” design.

when the COVID-19 scenario started, the entire world was then instructed to wear Mask, Gloves, and even Goggles (to protect the eyes from a so-called pandemic virus)the same as my Ritual Regalia

Egyptians were vegetarian, i haven’t ate meat since 2012 when i started doing rituals at the Museum and had apparitions appear (i will post about soon). Being vegan means our body is not a graveyard, so any spirits which may want to work may find it inviting and a body as a temple, not as a graveyard.

the cabinet housing the mummies is slightly loose and one can pry it open slightly and inhale the scents of the ancient mummies (one is a falcon, and yes there are human bodies in there). one can smell “Egypt” and the mummies just by visiting that part of the Museum, if one has a good sense of scents/smell.

prior to starting this ritual i had to walk through the “German Market” stalls, and the stench of flesh being cooked was overwhelming and putridly disgusting, all sorts of weird meat being cooked, funky oven vomit, stench from the vents …
before ascending to the 3rd floor of the museum i ate a vegan meal in the Edwardian Tearoom (ET) at the ground floor, the plate was round, and it seemed like symbolically eating the planet, the food of the planet, but also the plate being the planet, round … letting off a series of belches i then walked to the stairs, sort of pointing finger downwards as i walked, indicating something below as i was walking (there are not-so-secret tunnels off-limits to museum staff) and then went to ascend to the 3rd floor.

soon i will post more about the rituals i done from 2012 and the apparition which manifested.

here is the post about the drill i used to make the eye of horus from raw lapis lazuli (lapis lazuli sourced from Badokshan Mines, “Afghanistan”, the same ancient place the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians got it from)


  • PRECOGNITIVE DREAM about a fiery CORONA on the horizon, symbolic of something about to come soon (and safe to pass through)
  • hoarding food

… what?