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idea for “social media” me and a friend had many years ago where profiles can be properly customised, colour scheme, fonts, etc., like the golden age of the internet … remember myspace, faceparty, bebo, netlog, tumblr to some degrees, allowing more creativity and individualism which could be expressed when someone visited a profile

i remember having the “mind deprogramming video jukebox” embedded onto my myspace profile, purple background, impact font, with the music i made at the top, those were the days ahhh

but imagine also having widgets for things like favourite music, soundcloud/bandcamp/spotify/other embedded widgets on profile landing pages, people’s favourite art/music/games, etc

people can listen to the music when checking a profile

embedding widgets would offload processing and bandwidth burden to third party already-established platforms such as the above music ones

optional 3D spaces with the music playing automatically in the zones, artwork displayed on walls, games, etc

artists get royalties/plays/exposure/etc

no need for NFT etc but that can always be an option

profiles customisation is seen by the visitor not just the user of the profile

simple but classic touches like custom fonts in chats, on posts, change colour, bold, italic, what happened to all that?

i want to bring it back, but it’s a big endeavour, and centralised pissnet giants like fascesbook and twatter like to just envelop everything they can, once in a while adding whatever they think is “the new cool thing”, while their underlying platform is stale in many parts (especially fascesbook now).

i mean … can’t post with different fonts or colour or font sizes … not even a native bold/italics/underline? seriously? why? because they made it that way… there are reasons… they want total control and keeping people in the walled garden with less creativity, to say just the least.

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nobody know Operation GREENSTAR?

people repeat “Project Blue Beam”

i know Greenstar.

“Operation Greenstar is a mind-control program in which the victim is given a screen memory to create the impression of being abducted by extraterrestrials.”


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practical magick crystal-interference-derived quantum entanglement and non-locality-exploited call & response ❝spooky action at a distance❞ for immediate-reactionary-state-based micro-communication hub systems forming international & interplanetary layer-0 ❝central portals❞ joined with optical-speed upstream & downstream local spokes as layer-1

use power of the crystals
magick of crystals & light

quantum-entanglement of particles (light, etc) via crystal interference
quantum non-local pairs, divide, isolate, entrap, hermetically seal

place for call & response @ planetary hubs
hub & spoke regular optical comms outward

“quanum portal” at layer-0 using a minimal amount of entangled particles, with each portal being one division of a pair, the pair separated at a great distance, yet immediate-reactionary-state-based, “spooky action at a distance”, derived from precise crystal interference of light (and possibly other forms of energy, possibly via or in conjunction with other mediums, but crystal-interfered light we know is practical and attainable)

only a small “portal” of pairs, or possibly one pair, would be needed, (for fastest layer-0 error correction, more than 1 pair, but error correction is possible downstream at layer-1, via broadcasting the same data X amount of times from upstream, effecivey the same EC but with more lag)

the entire communication network is not quantum, but just a core layer-0 portal, with light-speed communication as a reaction to the state of the entangled pairs, the light reacting to the pair and being transmitted at the speed of light via layer-1.

it should not be processed at the portal, but reacted to as a state, and processed downstream at layer-2


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Baryon acoustic oscillations

Dr Dida Markovic NASA talks “Baryon acoustic oscillations” makes me think of helmholtz resonators at a cosmic (& microcosmic) level, the fact sound permeates all mediums except an absolute vacuum

i think of room modes & standing waves, universe & local “bubbles” as “rooms”