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LIDAR reveals Mayan structures mirror Orion, as is on Mars.

i previously discovered that the huge tharsis-montes landmarks on Mars are perfectly aligned with Orion, as if made as a sign (see header image and below, it seemed no one else made the connection before), which also matches the 3 main pyramids of the Giza plateu in Egypt.

a friend of mine recently brought to my attention the LIDAR images of hidden ancient Mayan structures that mirror the same signs. Overlaying the constellation here, it matches. Credit to Andrew for spotting this, and Albert Lin & team for the LIDAR discoveries … not sure if this connection has been made before, so sharing it here:

my connection of Mars landmarks & Orion, and the signs of Sol, our Sun on June 1st 2010 solar maximum:
remember, looking for patterns in radio noise is how SETI searches for extra terrestrial intelligence, these are prominent patterns, signs:

^ elevation map of Mars with Orion overlayed, along with NASA EVE/SDO images either side.

these are very prominent landmark signs. and they are the main feature of Mars which for some reason are not shown much in most media — they show the other side in most media, or a less prominent depth shading.