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2001: Earth Maiden Arjuna 地球少女アルジュナ – Raaja – Tapeworms in the Brain & Chest! like real life! …episode 6

2001… 地球少女アルジュナ (Earth Maiden Arjuna)
one of the best Anime… the “Raaja” are like pork tapeworms
in real life, people have tapeworms in brains and chest !!!

The tapeworms cause neurological problems, seizures, and more!Imagine how many people are misdiagnosed and undiagnosed!
I personally went vegetarian in 2012 and have been vegan for years now! i have a much better immune system now!

2019.11 :
Man had HUNDREDS of tapeworms in brain, chest after eating undercooked pork
“A 43-year-old man in China who was suffering from seizures and loss of consciousness went to the doctor after his symptoms persisted for several weeks, only to discover that he had hundreds of tapeworms in his brain and chest, reports say.”

Imagine how many people are misdiagnosed and undiagnosed! Imagine the wider effects!!!

Arjuna” is from the “Mahabarata” epic. the anime has a lot of Hindu/Sanatani influence

“COVID-19” is psyops and a confusion of causality, there was vaccine interference/vaccine damage from ‘influvac subunt tetra’ 2019 innoculation, etc. and 60GHz EM wave oxygen absorbtion (crowd control/individual target tech from 2001! mmO2 PLC, 60GHz mmWave from 2001 old tech!), and also tapeworms in brain and lungs/chest

and NERBS-V19!