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Everything and People are Mediums for Energy and Waves

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i tell u:

We are all mediums. Even matter is media. Example: Everything & Everyone is a medium for sound: solid, liquid, gas, etc. The only place where sound cannot permeate is an absolute vacuum (the absolute nothing which itself is a non-thing) therefore every thing/one is a medium.

Sound oscillates the atoms and things connected to the atoms, and that which permeates to other dimensions/realms connecting to the atoms, etc. This is a scientific phenomenon. Thus, we use mantra, sound, to vibrate all mediums. Some mediums are more sensitive than others, and the sound will travel differently according to the medium.

Something has to always have something else to arise from, thus something always existed, there is no beginning or end of time and time is but a sort of quantum state/loop.

The “big bang”/expansion is but a cosmic cycle just like a planet or atoms spinning, there are years, months, great years, etc

Within this universe is a “ghost” of the previous one, existing in the same space but a different time.

The analogy i use is like a magnetic tape of music — if we record over the music on the tape we may sometimes faintly hear the ghost of the previous recording, still existing under the new music. In the Omniverse we live in, life and celestial bodies exist as Quantum-anima-bio-electro-magnetic phenomena, and the ghost of the previous cyclce of the Universe/Omniverse contraction and expansion like the inhalation and exhalation of “Vishnu” exists.